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Powered by Wealth Access

Account Aggregation Powered by Wealth Access

Why Wealth Access

RubinBrown partnered with Wealth Access to provide a state of the art account aggregation tool to help clients see their entire financial picture in one place. By aggregating bank accounts, brokerage accounts and retirement accounts in one place, you will have a complete picture of your financial situation with one click of the button.

Understand Your Family’s Complex Wealth Picture

Through Wealth Access’ multi-generational wealth views, you are able to communicate complex wealth structures, thinking about the next generation of your family. This advanced reporting engine, integrated with the outputs of portfolio management, performance reporting and financial planning systems, along with our client portal, fills a key gap in understanding your family’s financial situation.

Your Personal Balance Sheet

Develop a personal balance sheet providing you with a true picture of your net worth, including a detailed breakdown of all of your assets and liabilities. Streamline the process of securing loans as well as facilitate discussions with other advisors.

Cash Flow

Wealth Access provides a convenient way for clients to see their transactions across all of their accounts via an innovative view into their cash inflows and outflows, providing a clear view into how those impact their overall financial situation.

Take Wealth Access With You

Optimized for all mobile and tablet devices, Wealth Access provides an intuitive layout allowing you to access your information from anywhere. See the most recent trades and transactions on your accounts, current portfolio holdings as well as leverage the ability to update your information on the go.