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Integrated Planning For Life thumbWhat Does it Mean to Provide “Integrated Planning for Life”?

by Bob Jordan, CPA, PFS & Steve Wisniewski, CFP®
Google the word “integrated financial planning” and you will receive more than three million hits. It’s not surprising, because the notion that true financial planning could be accomplished on anything other than an integrated basis is preposterous.

Top 10 Most Common Mistakes thumbThe Top 10 Most Common Mistakes Made by Investors

by Tom Tesar, CPA, CFP®, Cory Underwood, CFA®, CFP®,
Hannah Castellano, CPA & Matt Hartman, CFP®

One of the most critical elements to achieve the goals and objectives in your financial plan is making the right investment choices. Making the wrong choices can be costly and result in failure in achieving your long-term goals.

Murky World Of Medicare thumbThe Murky World of Medicare

by Carolyn Bunch, PAHM
Are you one of the 3.6 million Americans becoming Medicare eligible this year? Many people are surprised to find out how complicated the transition to Medicare can be. Each individual situation is a bit different and there is not a clear road map or check list to follow.

Social Security QA thumbSocial Security: Frequently Asked Questions

Clients report to RubinBrown Wealth Advisors that Social Security serves as a source of great confusion, especially given the changes that are constantly being made. The following represents the most frequently asked questions, as well as answers provided by the RubinBrown Wealth Advisory Services group.

Eldercare What is a Care Manager thumbEldercare: What is a Care Manager & Why Would You Need One?

by Sharon Greenstein-Gorman, CMC
When it comes to healthcare terminology and titles, each are haphazardly thrown about and are often confusing. To make matters worse, the terms are typically discussed at a time in life when you feel the most vulnerable and unsure. No one should feel this way; this is when a care manager steps in.

Year Round Tax Strategies and Opportunities thumbYear Round Tax Strategies and Opportunities

by Cheryl Heller, CPA, CGMA, Scott Quinn, CPA/PFS, CFP®
& Mary Ramm, CPA

Most people do not think of tax planning until the end of the year, right before the big tax bill hits, and by then it is sometimes too late to take action. Tax planning is a year round exercise, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can reduce your 2017 income tax liability.

Estate Planning Preparing For Whats Next thumbEstate Planning: Preparing for What’s Ahead

by Jason Uetrecht, CPA, CFP®, AEP®, Christine Boushka, CPA & Ted Clifton
Everyone’s worst nightmare is having something unexpectedly happen to a family member. This news can be compounded significantly if there is no estate plan in place. Today, more than 50% of Americans have no estate plan at all.

Charitable Giving thumbCharitable Giving: Good for You...Good for the Community

by Jason Uetrecht, CPA, CFP®, AEP® & Mark Breakfield, CPA, CGMA
Charitable organizations provide benefits to society and individuals in need of their services. Charitable giving can also generate personal benefits to the donor. With the right guidance, development and planning, charitable giving can serve as a tax-savings tool in your financial plan while supporting the causes that are meaningful to you.

Family Office Services Not Just For The Uber Wealthy thumbFamily Office Services: Not Just for the Uber Wealthy

by Jackie Jacquin, CPA
As proper management of the family finances becomes even more complex, more and more families are turning to a “family office” solution. Once a province available only for the super-wealthy, the family office concept is increasingly becoming mainstream.

RubinBrown Advisors help clients identify, prioritize and achieve their financial goals and objectives utilizing an experienced group of professionals that can integrate income taxes, estate taxes, financial planning, risk management and investment management needs, all in one place, throughout their lifetimes.