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Our History

Why RubinBrown Entered Wealth Advisory

After the technology bubble burst in 2001, RubinBrown leadership gathered to discuss ways to help clients through the economic downturn.

A marketing research firm helped RubinBrown conduct focus groups with clients to ask specifically how the firm could provide a higher level of service. From the information obtained, the marketing research firm reported that clients wanted RubinBrown to provide them with the following services to increase their chances of achieving financial success:

  1. Provide independent and objective financial planning advice, including investment advice
  2. Integrate income tax, estate tax, and investment advice together, in one team
  3. Offer no proprietary products
  4. Become their personal CFO
  5. Offer very competitive pricing
  6. Provide these services for an asset based fee better aligned with clients’ financial interests
  7. Act in a fiduciary capacity in providing the advice and services
  8. Be relationship oriented in serving, not transactional
  9. Avoid conflicts of interest

Consistent with the firm's first core value, “Superior Quality & Service,” the partners listened to their clients and established a team to provide the services desired.

Accordingly, RubinBrown Wealth Advisory Services was born in 2002. For skill sets not covered with existing team members, the firm hired outside individuals with the requisite skills needed to provide these services to complete the team.

Since its inception, RubinBrown Wealth Advisory Services has been the firm’s fastest growing business unit, successfully providing exactly the services that clients requested, with a fully integrated team of experienced professionals.